A company that defines the cutting edge in dance, fitness and lifestyle
Our performance wear was developed based on an urban lifestyle that states freedom of expression.
Our aggressive style approach breaks from the norm...
The concept is to take the street style look to the gym, dance performances and beyond.
We create funky, edgy, one of
a kind pieces. But above all, we believe in having the freedom
of movement, agility and
achieving the best comfort fit.
Our extensive range of designs 
are selected to reflect the attitude 
 of your lifestyle and individuality.
Our distinctive designs will give
you the ultimate edge in dance,
fitness and beyond.
“Have the freedom to wear it  
    in anyway and anywhere 
               you want.”

Men & women 
Cargo Pants 
and Hoodies 
more P
 check out our 
 funky tops...

 Long Tee....
 wrist bands
   gym sack 


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